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Chatting Withthe Ladies of Chick Lit (1)

Chatting With the Chicks of Chick Lit for #ChickLitMay

  Chuck: Ha, ha, ha, ha! Welcome! Welcome everyone to Chatting With the Chicks of Chick Lit. I’m your host, Chuck Lottateeth, and I am so thrilled to be able to introduce you to some of the most fascinating characters in literature today. I’m talking about the leading ladies of Chick Lit—those enchanting, romantic, darling, sexy, sweet, funny, headstrong—and, let’s face it, sometimes downright frustrating—modern women who headline this fabulously fun genre. I’m sure you’re…
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#ChickLitMay A to Z Scavenger Hunt

  SASSY is my favorite way to describe chick lit as a genre. People often ask what I write and like to read. When I respond with chick lit, I sometimes get weird looks, or people questioning what the genre even is. I won’t go into an entire post about why chick lit is an awesome genre and people need to stop judging everyone’s choices, but what I WILL tell you is why I love…
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