15 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Recently I came across a post on Lola’s Ramblings, and thought I would do something a little similar. I don’t have great answers for all the questions she responded to, so I thought I would instead come up with random things about me you don’t know. (Some of you may!) Here we go!

1. I didn’t get my license until I was 18. The reason behind this? I was scared to take the class in high school. To this day, I don’t know why it freaked me out to learn to drive with other people! I waited until I was 18, took the written test, and a few months later got my license.

2. I don’t watch or understand football, but I love football movies. Maybe I never bothered to learn about it because it always felt like such a LONG game. I remember when I was younger and waiting to go to my cousin’s house and we had to wait until the quarter was over. “Five minutes,” my dad would say. Well, thirty minutes later we finally would leave (same with Nascar races). Ask me what a first down is. I have no clue. Favorite football movie? The Program.

Best football movie ever.
Best football movie ever.

3. I compulsively check things multiple times. Is the garage door closed? Are all the candles blown out? Did I lock the windows? Is my phone plugged in? It’s a weird obsession. My husband noticed the other day I also touch the Home button on my iPad and iPhone for no reason while I’m using it. I’m a freak.

4. I hate my teeth. In pictures, I try not to smile too wide so my teeth show. They are far from white from too much soda as a kid and coffee as an adult. If I could change one thing about my body, it probably would be my teeth. I don’t know how some people have these perfect, beautiful teeth. I’ve even researched lumineers. (Veneers, not the band).

5. I add with my fingers. Yes, it’s a tad embarrassing. My addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division tables never were a strong suit. Math in general! I failed geometry, and barely passed most of my math classes. I always need to count on my fingers.

This isn’t me counting. It’s Jack Black.

6. I’m afraid to work a cash register. As I kid, I loved playing store. The first job I had when I had to work a register, I was scared out of my mind. I did fine, but the thought of working at one again worries me. No clue why.

7. I was first published in 1992. Well, kind of. I wrote a poem called Silence and submitted it to a contest through the National Library of Poetry. I didn’t win, but they published it! Oh, yes, I realized when they asked for money it was a vanity press. If I wanted it in the book, I needed to pay them. My mom, however, supported me so much, she paid and I still have the book. Here is the poem:

Pretty awesome, right?
Pretty awesome, right?

8. I won’t drive downtown because of parallel parking and parking structures. From what I hear, we have some pretty awesome restaurants and bookstores downtown. I’ll never go down there by myself. Someone always has to drive me. Why? I don’t parallel park well, and all parking is either street parking, or a parking structure. Parking structures give me the willies, and I’m always afraid I’ll screw something up and fear I’ll get stuck inside. I know. Weird.

9. I hate people seeing my feet. I have jacked up toenails. I should mention, my toes (and my fingers, now that I think about it) are stubby, and the nails don’t look too healthy. I wear nail polish on my toes many times to try and cover it in the summer. And my heels are so ashy and cracked, I’m afraid they’ll just split in half one day.

10. I kind of want a cat. Anyone who knows me realizes this is huge. I’m a dog person. I’ve always despised cats. Then my nephew got this cat George, and I see him on Facebook and he’s so adorable. And it makes me want one. If I ever got a cat, I would need a 100% guarantee it would be like a dog – cuddle and play all the time. Not one of these cats that disappears for days on end somewhere in the house.

This is George. Isn't he sweet?
This is George. Isn’t he sweet?

11. I’m afraid of becoming a well-known author. All of it scares me. If I hit it big, people will expect books from me – often – and maybe I’d have a publishing contract and be under deadlines. What if I have to make a TV or radio appearance? What if people recognize me? What if my book gets optioned for a movie and now I have to hit the red carpet? What will I say when I finally meet Drew Barrymore in person?

12. When I was 15, I gave myself 2 tattoos. Yes, you read that correctly. If that doesn’t reaffirm what a stupid teenager I was, then I don’t know what does. Some black ink and a sewing needle, and my friend and I had tattoos. One I have covered up with a paw print (professionally done this time!) and maybe in the future I will get the other one covered. Maybe something with a book or writing 🙂 And yes, my parents know. My dad caught us.

13. Roller coasters freak me out. I will not go on one. The only times I have been on one was in Great America, and that was The Whizzer, as a teenager, and as a kid American Eagle with my parents. No circles or flips or crazy stuff. I will never go on one again. I barely go on water slides.

Roller coasters? You've got to be kidding me.
Roller coasters? You’ve got to be kidding me.

14. I almost sang lead in a band. This is no joke, though it should be. In high school, four of us were all set to start a band. I wish I could remember the name we came up with. I was chosen to sing. Fun fact here – I can’t sing. Thankfully, that fantasy never came to fruition, and I saved my dignity.

15. I don’t drink alcohol. Okay, it’s not like I will never have a drink, but if I do, it’s maybe one to two times a year. I’ve never been a fan of the taste. I’ll have an ice cream drink, like a mudslide, or a frozen margarita. I do like White Russians. I’ve found a few beers I can get down. Order me one drink, though, it’ll take me an hour or two to drink it, and I’ll still be buzzed. People think it’s funny I don’t drink. I sometime think it’s silly how much they do.

I hope you enjoyed these 15 little tidbits about me. What did you find most interesting? Any crazy facts about you? Please leave your comments! 🙂

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