X is for Xerox

#ATOZChallenge @tkrimms

Coming up with an X word presented a challenge for me. I’ll admit, I went to a Scrabble word finder for help! Xerox – let’s say I love making copies. I used to anyway. Now that computers are so prevalent, and apps like EverNote and Pinterest exist, there is much less of a need for them. The thing I used to copy most probably was recipes. People often left magazines sitting out at work and during lunch I would look through them, find recipes that looked SOOOO yummy, and xerox them (although let’s all admit we say copy). I doubt I made even 10% of the recipes from the copies I made. Heck, maybe even 5%.


While at the library, I often xeroxed. Sometimes poems I really enjoyed, other times pages for research if writing a paper. Or, instead of printing something out four times, I would make three copies. In a previous job as an administrative assistant I put together a monthly newsletter that went out to hundreds of businesses. I made plenty of copies then.

These days, I barely use a printer. In fact, our printer barely works and I could care less. Although, I am debating printing out Jay Walking when I am in copy edits and working through it that way.

Do you xerox (or print) anything?

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