The Day I Drank (Mostly) Regular Coffee

If you know me at all, I like fancy coffee. You know the kind I mean – the type that most hard coffee drinkers will tell you really isn’t coffee. I love a White Chocolate Mocha or a Caramel Macchiato. When at home, I make Starbucks or even Great Value, but I always add French Vanilla creamer. I can’t even drink it with milk, usually. It must be French Vanilla, and for some reason, I prefer Great Value or over International Delight or Coffee Mate. On Thursday, I went to my mom’s house and even brought my own creamer for my coffee 🙂

Saturday the husband and I had a date. Yes. A date!

datenightWe don’t go on these too often. We wanted to be sure we went in June because we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.

Last year for our anniversary (and my birthday), my husband surprised me with a couples massage. He had never had one before and I had been hinting I wanted to go get one. That was spectacular, but let’s be real – who can afford that every year? (Though maybe I should plan this for next year and start saving now!)

Where do couples who have been married for 13 years (and together for 19) go for a romantic dinner?


Buffalo Wild Wings – where else? Why here and not somewhere fancy? I could make something up and tell you this is where we had our first date or kiss or something, but I’ll be honest. We had $33 in gift cards. I mean, come on, if we don’t have to actually pay for the meal, why not? Not to mention, we’re on the tail end of our P90X3 program and wanted something simple.

After dinner, our plan was to head to Starbucks. I brought my Kindle and hubby had his iPad and we were going to read. My husband isn’t a reader, but he’s been reading a book by Tony Horton and enjoying it. Maybe this will maintain him as a reader. I hope so because I find it sexy! Anyway, we went to Starbucks where we ALSO had gift cards.

Anyway, we went to Starbucks where we ALSO had gift cards. My chicken artichoke flatbread (which I ate only half of) left me with minimal calories for the day. I really wanted to try a frappuccino (one of those special ones they are advertising right now), but that put me over my calories. He got the cinnamon roll one, but I opted for a plain coffee – their blonde blend. She left room for some half & half, which I added. I went for the first sip and was very cautious and scared. I mean, for years I’ve only gotten their fancy drinks.

I. Loved. It.

I even purchased their blonde blend. (Normally I buy Verdana if I get the regular to make at home).

I realize now Willow is a little significant. Read Caching In to find out why.
I realize now Willow is a little significant. Read Caching In to find out why.

Today I stopped at a local shop and got a regular coffee. I could have gone next door and got a specialty. Instead, I chose to get the plain coffee and add some half & half. Granted, it certainly wasn’t the same as Starbucks, but I drank it all. I may choose to drink the less fancy coffee every once and again now. I still think it’s better at Starbucks than when I make it at home (isn’t it always better when someone else makes it for you?). Also, I can get more uses out of my gift cards.

So Saturday night was a success, except that Starbucks was FREEZING and there wasn’t anywhere to sit, so we didn’t end up reading. Instead, we went to Kohl’s and I got myself some workout shoes 🙂 Maybe the next date night …



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