Lakes, Lumberjacks, and Laughs

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This week’s topic: What’s unique about where you live?

One thing about living in the Midwest is people wonder why. When they find out I’m from Wisconsin, first they make fun of my “accent” (which I don’t think I have), and then they ask what is there to do in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has a lot to offer, and one of my favorite things about it is the Northwoods. One of the most common things you’ll hear from Wisconsinites when you ask what they are doing for the summer, they’ll answer, “Going up north.” Now, “up north” means different things to different people. For some, it’s just to Wisconsin Dells, others it’s Door County, some go up to Superior, just hours away from Canada. For me, it’s Oneida County.

I’m not much of a traveler. I can’t stand sitting in a car for long periods of time, and I’ve only been on a plane twice. Living in Wisconsin, I don’t have to travel far. I can find everything I need for a relaxing vacation in a simple 4 – 6 hour drive.

What’s in the Northwoods you ask? The biggest thing is the lake. And lots of them. Everywhere you turn there’s a lake. I’m not a boater – I hate them. A pontoon boat maybe, but regular fishing boats aren’t for me. I like to just look at the lake and absorb its beauty. Or walk on the sand with the small waves crashing into my legs. It’s damn cold, but I love it.

Who needs the ocean when you have a lake?
Who needs the ocean when you have a lake?

Besides the lakes, the county offers different attractions, such as The Min-Aqua Bats (in their 66th year!), the Lumberjack Steam Train (technically Forest County, but I’m putting it here anyway!), Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty, snowshoe baseball, and a Lumberjack Show. There are lots of places to shop and eat and bike trails are everywhere. July 4th is huge around the area with an incredible amount of events going on. And there are bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. (Is that a plus? No, but it’s part of the experience!)

Snowshoe baseball is played on, you guessed it, snowshoes, and the field is made up of wood chips.
Snowshoe baseball is played on, you guessed it, snowshoes, and the field is made up of wood chips.

Every year I look forward to vacation and trying new things. One of these years I hope to attempt horseback riding.

What do you like to do for vacation? What cool things does your town have to offer? Comment below!

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