Why I’m Making the Amazon Exclusive Jump


On May 9, 2014, I published my first book, Pieces of it All on Amazon. I immediately enrolled it into KDP Select. Then a few people (and literally a few – 2) asked if they could get my book elsewhere. After my 90 day period, I took it out of KDP Select and started selling it on Barnes &Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. When I released every book after, The Right Equation, Early Bird Special, Caching Inand Jay Walking, I put those on the other vendors right away.

Since I started selling my books on other vendor sites, I’ve earned a total of … wait for it … $27.66. That’s for a total year. Why am I wasting my time?

I read the articles and listened to all the podcasts stating how you need to give your books time on these other markets. I’ve heard all the arguments from allowing my readers to find me other places to “don’t put all your eggs into one basket.”

Well, they’re my eggs, and I’m choosing one basket.


Starting this week, I’ll begin to remove Caching In and Jay Walking off sale from other vendors. My other books / short stories already have been removed. With the exception of the short story anthology I am a part of, Girls of Summer, you will find me exclusively on Amazon.

But Tracy, what about the readers who don’t have a Kindle? What about those that buy from Barnes & Noble or iBooks or Kobo?

I’m sorry to those very few readers. If you don’t want to download the free Kindle app to your phone, tablet, or computer, then you can always buy Caching In and Jay Walking via paperback. Pieces of it All and the short stories are not available in print form. Otherwise, I am very sorry. Find me on social media. Maybe we can work something out.


My reader base is so minimal on these other vendors, and if putting all my books into Kindle Select gives me the opportunity to reach more people via Kindle Unlimited or by Amazon increasing my visibility, I need to do that.

I love writing. It’s my passion and I’ll continue to do it. However, I also am trying to make a career out of this. This is a business decision and needs to be done.

Thank you to all who have supported me on Kobo, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble. I really hope you’ll follow me and get my books on Amazon.


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My Amazon page is here if you want them to notify you directly when new releases come out.

Meanwhile, I’m plugging away at Book 3 in the Pastime Pursuits series. Be well!

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