All I Want for Christmas Is Considerate People

considerate people


A little-known fact about me — I like to get my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving if I can. The Packers played on Sunday so I decided it was the perfect day to go. In Wisconsin the stores are empty when the Packers play.

Not November 8th.

A lot of unhappy Cheeseheads on November 8th.

A lot of unhappy Cheeseheads on November 8th.

Once I found out the Packers were losing, I figured this must be the reason for the crazy busy stores. I don’t know what the cause of inconsiderate people.

Battling the stores on a day to day basis is difficult enough. Once you add in holiday shoppers, all bets are off. I don’t understand the way people act in stores. I came across many types of shoppers during my three-hour shopping rendezvous, and I commend myself for not going off on them — to their face at least.

My first stop — Target. I waded through the aisles looking at toys, books, clothes. I had two instances here that really irked me. The first was right as I walked in the door. After using the restroom, I grabbed a cart. The cart area is busy. Moms are getting their kids in and out of the front, people are coming in and out of Starbucks, and the $1 area is conveniently located there. I stood there waiting to move forward as the person in front of me waited to move forward because the person in front of her parked her cart blocking the entryway to the main store to look at items on and endcap.  (How did you like that run-on sentence?) Hey, lady in front of me, the words “Excuse me” do wonders. Finally, everyone began moving once the person holding up traffic moved into an aisle.

The toys, clothing, and books sections weren’t that terrible. Then we hit the stationery. I found my way into the space where they place novelty books like identifying your farts and what your cat will pee on next. I was looking at a 642 Things to Write About book. I didn’t like it wasn’t spiral bound, so I passed. I made my way around to the next aisle. Nah, nothing there. So I go to make a right turn into the next aisle. A lady is there with her cart looking at the clearance items on the endcap.

Me: “Excuse me.”

Her: Backs up and leaves her cart in the middle while continuing to look at the items.

Me: “Excuse me.” I try to push my cart through and have to shift it to the right.

Her: Looks at me and the continues to look at the endcap.

Me: “Excuse me. Can I get through?” I pull my cart even more to the right in an attempt to get through again.

Her: Grabs her cart and walks away as if I did something wrong.

Um …..


I said Excuse Me THREE times and she didn’t BUDGE. I was pretty fumed at this point. Granted, I should not get upset in the heat of the moment. Possibly this person had a hearing issue. I don’t know. In the moment, I didn’t think of that possibility.

Next I went to Kohl’s. I had no issues there. The checker could have been a tad more personable, but she smiled. I’ll take it.

Let’s go to Fleet Farm and check out Hell. I mean Toy Land.

The parking lot at this store is horrible. The space between where the lot starts and the sidewalk to the store is very small. A few years ago someone got hit while crossing. I’m not surprised because people speed off the main road and through the lot.

Anyway, my mom is with me and she needs to be closer to the store due to having part of her lung removed. Colder weather and far walks don’t mix well for her. There’s a spot right in front. Cool beans. I turn my car into the aisle, but I need to back up a tad so I can straighten up enough to get into the spot. The car in reverse, I begin to back up. There is NO SPACE to allow for cars coming, so I have to creep out to be sure no one hits me. A car pulls up and sees me backing up. She won’t move. Okay, apparently this lady wants my space. Fine. Even though it’s clear I am backing up to get in, I’ll let you have it. The second I pull away, she moves out of the way and not even into that spot. I was more than a little frustrated. I’m glad to say I did still get the spot. When I came around it was still available.


Overall, the day was a success and many Christmas presents were purchased. I’m not done, but close to it. These encounters prove why I hate shopping. I recall one day recently at the grocery store two people blocking an entire aisle with their carts so they could chat and they looked at me like I was the problem.

This holiday season when you’re out shopping — heck, any time you’re out — be considerate of other people. Let someone have a parking spot, open the door for someone with a car seat, let someone skip you in line. Slow down and be a nice person.

Rant. Over.