Winter Pastimes


Even though this week is about pastimes, I want to share one of my favorite traditions for the holidays.

Back in the “olden days” when I was a kid (I know it wasn’t *that* long ago!), my parents would pack me and my brother up in the car and we’d drive around looking at Christmas lights. We would hit a few towns and be gone a few hours. This was perfect because my dad is a Sunday driver anyway! Some houses put up minimal lights while others were decked out. I loved doing this.

Now we do this with our family. I could do without the cold, but we have seat warmers so it’s not so terrible. We brew some coffee, hop in the car, turn on Christmas music and hit the road. The best houses are the ones that have their lights set to music!

This house is all decked out.

This house is all decked out.

I’m not much of a winter fan, but this is something I love doing and look forward to again this year.

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