The Benefits of Facebook Groups

A couple years ago I started a Facebook group called A Hodgepodge of Sagging Bottoms. I can’t take credit for the name; that clever quip for our backsides is thanks to my friend Rebecca (who isn’t on FB anymore). The group grew to a whopping 9 members (yes, I mean that sarcastically) with the same common interest — shredding weight and/or eating healthy.

The group is no longer active. I’m not sure why. I think some of us lost track of our goals and others simply forgot about the group. The page is still available, though no one posts there. This doesn’t mean I’ve given up on FB groups.

Nope. In fact, I belong to more Facebook groups than I care to count.

I’m part of a few promo groups, which have proven pretty much useless so I’m slowly removing myself from those. I also belong to a few Jamberry, LuLaRoe, and Perfectly Posh groups. I love these places when I want to shop. It’s not these groups I want to discuss, though.

The groups I visit daily, post in as often as I can, and find the most value in, are my FB support groups.


On a daily basis, I visit 10 FB groups, many multiple times a day. A common theme exists among these groups — fitness and writing.

Some of you may look at that number and think it’s not very many, others may think I’m crazy. I keep up because I turn notifications on in these groups. I am so grateful to all of them because, honestly, I’d be lost without them. Here are some reasons you should consider joining Facebook groups!

1.) Advice. When you join a group with a common interest, this is a great place for you to ask questions. A few of the groups I am in have daily topics and this often leads to different questions and opportunities to gather advice on different things.

2.) Ideas. This is a little similar to the first one, but instead of asking for an opinion, ideas strike you, possibly when you weren’t even looking for one. I find this a lot when people from groups post articles and blog posts for a variety of marketing or inspirational things. Sometimes I will have an aha! moment when I wasn’t even searching for one.

3.) Support. This works both ways, too. Groups are an awesome way to gather support and gain confidence when you need it most. Having a tough day on your diet? Are the words not flowing? Is a marketing strategy proving unsuccessful? These people will cheer you on and keep you going. But, be sure you’re reciprocating!

4.) Rules. Some may find rules restricting, but I love them. Do you hate scrolling down your FB feed and seeing nothing but negativity or posts you don’t care to see? Do you avoid FB during election years? These groups have specific guidelines to avoid all that nonsense.

5.) Friendships. The best thing about online groups, in my opinion, are the relationships you develop. I haven’t met most of the people in my groups in person, but I still call them my friends. We’d totally hang out together if we lived closer. I have friends from all over the world thanks to these groups!

Groups aren’t only for writing or fitness. If you have an interest, there’s a group out there for it. Drawing, gymnastics, dogs, cooking, fancy purses … It’s out there. Do a search and see what you can find! One thing to remember is that all groups have rules and guidelines, so always read the pinned post that explains what is acceptable and what is not!

Are you a member of any Facebook groups? How have they helped you?