Do the stars really know who I am?

I saw something on Facebook the other day related to your sun sign. If I remember correctly, it was some sort of an app where you logged in and it posted a few traits about your personality according to your astrological sign. It got me wondering how closely I fit my sign traits.

I’m a Gemini, a June birthday. When I was younger, I read a lot into my horoscope and probably could tell you a lot about it. These days, not so much. Though I do want to start reading up on it more. I went to to read up about my traits, specifically here:

Let’s break down some of the things discussed in the article.

  1. Geminis love to talk. That’s a blatant lie! Or an alternative fact? Okay, I had to fit that in there. Anyway, yes, it IS true. I talk so much sometimes I have to remind myself to come up for air. When I read out loud, I have to slow down so others can understand me. I even talk to myself sometimes! I really hate my voice, so it’s pretty ironic.
  2. They want information. So …. we’re nosey? Okay, I’ll admit it. I love to know what’s going on. I do like to hear the latest gossip. I’ve been known to check out Facebook profiles in search of information.
  3. We change our mood often. Yes. WHAT DO YOU MEAN? NO, I DON’T! Oh, you look beautiful today. GET OFF MY LAWN! I’m so sad. See what I did there? Yes, I’m moody. I’ll admit to that.
  4. Geminis excel at sports. NOT this Gemini. Far from it, in fact. I was always picked last in school, and I’m not sad about it. As extroverted as I can be, sports scare me. I never could serve the ball over the volleyball net, I couldn’t catch the ball even as the catcher in softball, and instead of grabbing the flag in flag football, I came questionably close to touching a few behinds.

Overall, I think the article is a pretty good representation of me! Talkative, creative, nosey!

What about you? What sign are you and do you believe what it says about you?