My 5 Favorite Red Things

All weekend I kept reminding myself to write a Valentine’s Day post. Here’s the thing–we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day in our house. My husband and I share a kiss, I’ll buy some V-Day cookies for the kids, but that’s about as far as it goes. We’ve celebrated in the past, but to be honest, it’s too expensive. Would I love a 60-minute massage or a dozen roses? I mean, I wouldn’t complain. But, that’s money best spent elsewhere.

What could I write about? I thought about my first Valentine’s Day with my husband. I was a senior in high school and he picked me up from school, a huge elephant with roses in the front seat (I love elephants), and in the roses was a ring (it went something like that – it was twenty years ago!). We went to see the movie Fools Rush In, too, back when it didn’t cost our savings to take a trip to the theater. Or, I considered writing about making out those little Valentine’s in grade school and that time I waited for a fellow author and classmate to leave his desk so I could sneak a Valentine in. I think it was fourth or fifth grade. (Bill, do you remember? Ha!)

But, alas, I didn’t want to write about romance on Valentine’s Day. I cover that in my books. So what could I write about?

Well, when I think about Valentine’s Day, I think about the color red. How about some of my favorite red things! These are in no particular order, of course.

  1. Strawberries. Tell me what’s better than a ripe, juicy strawberry? Well, probably strawberries with whipped cream. I look at them every time I go shopping, but I don’t always buy them. When I do, they disappear in our house in a matter of days.
  2. Cardinals. I’m not a bird watcher, and I couldn’t tell you most of the birds I see. The cardinal, though, is pretty obvious, and quite a beautiful bird. A cardinal represents many things, depending on your belief. From spiritual and religious meanings to igniting creativity, the cardinal is a powerful bird.
  3. Lipstick. Let’s get one thing straight–I don’t wear red lipstick, but I sure love it. When I was younger, I tried many times to get away with the bold color on my lips. I don’t know if I wasn’t confident enough to pull it off or it just didn’t match with my hair and face or what, but it never took off on me. I do love it, though.

    I love red lipstick. For the record, this is not me.

  4. Candy. Skittles, M&M’s, Sour Patch Kids, Starburst–if there’s a red in there, I’m taking it. The rule is if anyone near me has a red candy, they must hand it to me!
  5. Roses. I mean, come on.

What are some of your favorite red things?

  • Mmmm, red candy. I also love tropical punch red kool-aid type drinks.

  • You really do love elephants! That’s a cute story <3

    I love pretty much all red things since red is my favorite color, but my absolute favorite red thing would have to be pomegranates. They're delicious and gorgeous, and I'm obsessed, haha. I love strawberries too though!