I’m back with a new series!

Well, kind of!

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog. In fact, I removed the blog from my website for quite some time. It was something that took up time I didn’t have, and of the things on my plate, it was the easiest to let go of. The other day I was listening to the Sell More Books Book Show and it inspired me to blog again. I don’t know how often I’ll be blogging, but I will try for weekly, minimum.

A new series? What’s that about? Since I discontinued the blog, I finished the All That series. You can get all three books now! Yay! What are you waiting for? Book 1 is free!

This new series is called the Oceanic Dreams series. This is unique in that it is a multi-author series in a “shared world.” Eight romcom/chick lit authors came together to create eight individual novellas that take place on the Aphrodite Oceanic cruise ship at the same time. I hope you read all of them, but know that you can read them in any order. They are not interconnected like a typical series.

My book, Circle in the Sand, is on preorder for 99 cents. The book will be 99 cents through release week!

Preorder now!

Follow the rules. Be reliable. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.

Living by these words didn’t put librarian Isla Hunter any closer to the life she imagined at thirty. With her birthday in only a few days, she can’t wait to sail away on a week in the sun with her friends Asher and Charlotte. It may be just what she needs.

When an attractive woman takes a liking to Asher, Isla’s heart feels threatened in an unfamiliar way. She’s used to Asher flipping through women like a playbook without a second thought, but this time it’s different. As she tries to sort out her emotions, she struggles with Asher’s connection with this woman. Is it time for Isla to finally break the rules or will that only lead her in hot water?

Circle in the Sand is the third book in the Oceanic Dreams series. This is a multi-author series and each book can be read on its own.

Books in series:

I Saw Him Standing There by Holly Kerr
Time of My Life by Laura Heffernan
Circle in the Sand by Tracy Krimmer
I Thought it Was You by Kirsty McManus
I Will Follow Him by Holly Tierney-Bedord
Take a Chance on Me by Delancey Stewart
Shut Up and Dance With Me by Monique McDonell
The Best of You by Sophie-Leigh Robbins

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