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Puppy Thoughts

September 2, 2016 sucked. I mean, really sucked. My bulldog, Sophie, passed away at the ripe age of 12. She would have been 13 in 18 days. That’s pretty awesome for the breed. Two years prior, I said goodbye to…
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Creating a New Normal

This morning I woke up and went downstairs and she wasn’t there. My Sophie, my bulldog who had been at my side almost thirteen years, wasn’t there. Her crate was gone, replaced by photos in her and her sister’s memory….
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Z is for Zoomies!

#ATOZChallenge @tkrimms Today marks the last day of the A to Z Challenge. I can’t believe I completed 26 blog posts in the month of April. I actually did more than 26, which is amazing. I don’t plan on blogging…
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