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“Ally makes me want to get out and try new things.”
Hello Precious Bliss – 5/5 Stars – Review Date 12/10/14

“A light-hearted, romantic comedy … It teaches you that taking chances sometimes can be more rewarding that you ever imagined”
I’m A Book Shark – 5/5 Stars – Review Date 12/11/14





Pieces New Cover Final_edit.jpgPieces of it All

“It was a refreshing change.”
Pretty Bookmarks – 4/5 Stars – Review Date 7/18/14

“This book has twists and turns that you don’t see coming.”
Nerd Girl Official – 4/5 Stars – Review Date 7/16/14

“What a remarkable story!”
Hello Precious Bliss – 5/5 Stars – Review Date 7/9/14

This book captivated me from beginning to end.”
Sassy Lit Chic Reviews – 5/5 Stars – Review Date 6/30/14

“I connected to Beth and Harvey.”
She Reads New Adult – 4/5 Stars – Review Date 6/12/14