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Circle in the Sand

This is a Kindle Unlimited book and only available on Amazon.


Follow the rules. Be reliable. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.

Living by these words didn’t put librarian Isla Hunter any closer to the life she imagined at thirty. With her birthday in only a few days, she can’t wait to sail away on a week in the sun with her friends Asher and Charlotte. It may be just what she needs.

When an attractive woman takes a liking to Asher, Isla’s heart feels threatened in an unfamiliar way. She’s used to Asher flipping through women like a playbook without a second thought, but this time it’s different. As she tries to sort out her emotions, she struggles with Asher’s connection with this woman. Is it time for Isla to finally break the rules or will that only lead her into hot water?

Circle in the Sand is the third book in the Oceanic Dreams series. This is a multi-author series and each book can be read on its own.

Books in series:

  1. I Saw Him Standing There by Holly Kerr
  2. Time of My Life by Laura Heffernan
  3. Circle in the Sand by Tracy Krimmer
  4. I Thought it Was You by Kirsty McManus
  5. I Will Follow Him by Holly Tierney-Bedord
  6. Take a Chance on Me by Delancey Stewart
  7. Shut Up and Dance With Me by Monique McDonell
  8. The Best of You by Sophie-Leigh Robbins

Mixtapes & Roller Skates

This is a Kindle Unlimited book and only available on Amazon.


Angie was a 90s girl with it all figured out, but after a disastrous marriage, she’s not sure she knows how–or where–to find the right guy. A crash while roller skating lands her in the arms of Owen, a sweet and handsome forty-something widower. As the soundtrack of her high school years plays in the background, flirtation leads to what feels like a real connection. Can Angie trust her heart enough to move on and make a new soundtrack to her life?

The Right Equation

This is a Kindle Unlimited book and only available on Amazon.


Penny and high school never got along. She attends her fifteen-year reunion costume party on Halloween and hopes her high school crush Will shows up. When the lights go out and Will finds her, can their sparks turn the lights back on?

Candy Christmas

This is a Kindle Unlimited book and only available on Amazon.


Introverted Candy didn’t ask to host the company holiday party, but that’s exactly what she’s doing. Will she go from sweet to sour when her best friend not only intrudes on her apartment, but meddles in her love life? 

Landing Luck

Humiliation follows Aida Wilde wherever she goes. When her opportunity to prove herself at work goes awry, she’s certain her entire future is doomed.

Wes Luedeke seems to have it all as CEO of his own company. But it can be lonely at the top.

Can down on her luck Aida help Wes find his way to happiness? And will outgoing Wes teach Aida to own her embarrassing situations?

In With the New

Eli no longer believes in love, and Meg has no time for it. Can the spirit of Christmas and hope of a new year change their perspectives?


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Early Bird Special

This is a Kindle Unlimited book and only available on Amazon.


Francie excels at her job as a party planner, but can’t say the same about love. When an obnoxious, but handsome, man approaches her in line at a Thanksgiving sale, she pushes him away like she always does. Can Francie put her fears aside and nab an early bird special, or is she destined to plan every wedding but her own?