Cover, Title, & Blurb Reveal!

I’ve been working since November on my newest book, and I am so excited to share with you the cover, title, and blurb! This is a follow up to Caching In, however, it is a stand alone novel. Releasing Summer 2015! Sign up for my newsletter to be notified first when preordering is available!

jaywalking_cover_loveChelsea Wyatt, a single-mom trying to build a life for her and her son, is sick of the body she sees in the mirror. A daily diet of Cookie Crisp cereal is not doing wonders for her mood or her figure, and it’s time for a change. Setting out to get fit, she commits herself to a daily walking plan, forcing herself to give up her all-sugar and carb diet, a difficult task at her donut obsessed job. 

But her plan goes sideways when a stumble on the ice puts her in the arms of Jay, an attractive young man out on a run. They grab coffee together, and Chelsea finds herself thinking about him long after their short meeting. The thought of dating again hadn’t crossed her mind in years, and she doesn’t even know if Jay is available, or if he would be interested in her despite her unfit body. 

Just when she has a handle on her new routine, her past catches up with her, throwing her blossoming relationship with Jay and the rest of her life into chaos. Can Chelsea hold onto the people she loves most, or will a wrong turn set her up for failure?


Let me know what you think of the cover! I can’t wait to get this book in your hands, and will work hard to make it available in the beginning of the summer as opposed to the end!