M is for Material

#ATOZChallenge @tkrimms

“Where do you get your material?”

As an author, I hear this a lot. Every time I turn around, I am opening up my EverNote app and putting in an idea that’s popped into my head. Sometimes it’s a full idea, others it’s only a title, or possibly a word or two that may kindle inspiration later. That’s great, Tracy, but how do these ideas come to you?

If I said they just did, would you hate me?

Okay, most of the time, they do. But, there’s always something that sparks it. I may see someone in a store and have a thought about something in their cart, or a billboard and something in the line strikes me. Maybe I’m watching a movie and something happens, and I think, well what if this happened instead? Lately, it’s titles that have been coming to me. I have a few written down, but no idea to go with it at this time.


When do get your best ideas?

In the shower. Honestly, that’s the place they come to me. I think a lot of authors will say the same thing. Something about the shower clears my mind and I start running scenarios in my head. I have to keep repeating them in my head until I get out and get them into EverNote. Someone suggested Aqua Notes. I may look into these!

Do you use real life in your stories or characters?

Yes and no. For example, Ally in CACHING IN is very sarcastic. That’s me all the way. There is a scene in my upcoming book JAY WALKING when Chelsea is learning to box. Something happens (I won’t say what yet!) and it really happened to me. It was a funny moment, and loved putting it in the book. Something crazy happened to a neighbor the other day, and she’s granted me permission to use creative license with her scenario and put it in a book.

Material comes from everywhere. Where do you find yours? Leave it in the comments!