Q is for Quitting

#ATOZChallenge @tkrimms

The dreaded Q word ….. let’s all admit it, quitting is EASY. When the going gets tough, you just throw in the towel, right?


Quitting leads to failing, and I HATE the word failed. When I play Candy Crush, I can’t stand it when this comes up on the screen:

IMG_5435Level FAILED? Can we be a little bit more encouraging please? “You tried really hard. Let’s keep playing and try again!” Wouldn’t that be a little bit more encouraging? For the record, I’m stuck on Level 530 and it’s driving me nuts. BUT I WON’T QUIT!

As an author, there are PLENTY of times I consider quitting. Can’t think of what to write next? I should quit. Bad review? I better give up now. Think I can’t write as well as the last book? Well, shoot, I’m going to pack it all in right now and forget I ever had this dream. That’s easier, right?

It is easier. I’ll give you that much. But, dreams aren’t easy to attain. You need to put in the work. My favorite workout line is from Jillian Michael’s, and it applies to writing, too:


You have to put the work in and push past the pain and the difficult moments if you’re ever going to be successful. JUST. KEEP. GOING.


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