T is for Teen Magazines

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I’ve always been a magazine hoarder. Since I was a kid, I always had my mom buy me them in the checkout stand. I even grabbed those horoscope scroll things. Anyone remember those? As a tween, I loved my entertainment magazines. Sure, I loved the magazine Seventeen (I even entered a short story contest through there once), but nothing beat my entertainment ones.

1. BOP – Oh my gosh, BOP. This probably was my absolute favorite of all of them. I know I had the one pictured below, and I even tried to win that shirt Corey Haim is wearing in the picture. I was so mad I didn’t win it. Kirk Cameron, Alyssa Milano, Johnny Depp, River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Sean Astin? Does it get any better? (Useless fact – Sean Astin is now the voice of Special Agent Oso).


2. Teen – Okay, so this is along the same lines as Seventeen, but it featured more celebrities than that one. This is another issue I had. I am sure I took the quiz, and am more than sure I failed it!

49b5de0ce0682db4035002f4fc525ba23. Teen Beat – This is one I don’t think I purchased, but I always looked at it at the store. More Kirk Cameron. Give me more Kirk Cameron! (Well, Growing Pains Kirk Cameron only, please.).



4. Tiger Beat – This one had ALL THE GUYS. You can see from the picture below. All the hotties were in this one. I think Luke Perry graced almost every teen magazine cover. But, I was a sucker for Brian Austin Green.



5. Teen People – And finally, the very sophisticated counterpart of People, Teen People. I loved People magazine and was thrilled when they came out with a teen version. This allowed me into the lives of celebrities, but also focused on real issues.

baf8681450ddd38341079fba98b66afbLet’s not forget Sassy, Cosmo, and YM magazine, all I read as a teen. I’ll admit, I probably didn’t need to be reading Cosmo, but I didn’t need to be reading Danielle Steel in 6th grade, either.

What were your favorite magazines as a teen? Let me know in the comments.

*Disclaimer. I DID read other magazines, too (and of course books!). I had a subscription to Writer’s Digest and their book club as a teen!



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