U is for Uplifting!

#ATOZChallenge @tkrimms

Let’s be honest – the amount of negativity in the world today is ridiculous. If it’s not something in the news, it’s something in your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed. Sure, you can shut it off, but it’s still out there. If you want to be on social media but avoid the negative, what do you do?


The time my newsfeed starts to annoy me most is typically around an election year. However, even after the election stuff died down this last time (and there’s another one coming!!!) it still seemed to be so negative. I like to be online. I enjoy the social interaction, but one can’t help to be brought down by everything on there. Did you know there is a MUTE option on Twitter, so you can mute a hashtag? Are you aware that if you don’t want to offend someone and “un” friend them on Facebook, you can simply go to their page and UNCLICK the FOLLOW button? Then this person’s posts will no longer show on your newsfeed.


My newsfeed is filled with bookish things, mostly. I am friends with many authors and I follow a lot of them. I have unfollowed a decent amount of people because I got tired of seeing ONLY NEGATIVE POSTS from them. Sure, I’m guilty. I do it every once and awhile. Sometimes I want to vent, or need advice, but when it’s all people post about, it gets old. If you surround yourself with negative people, YOU WILL BECOME NEGATIVE, TOO! Fill your newsfeed with UPLIFTING people. Friend the people who BRING JOY to your world. I firmly believe you are the company you keep. If you keep company with all negative nellies, pretty soon, you’ll be an Eeyore, too.


Don’t rain on everyone’s parade – or your own!

Use basic online etiquette. Treat others as you want to be treated. If you must post something negative, post three more things that are positive. Or, do what I’ve done, post it, then delete it. Or better yet, open up Word, type it up, and never post it. Also, DON’T GIVE UNSOLICITED ADVICE! If someone posts something to vent, nine out of ten times, they don’t WANT you to comment. They want to vent. They want a ‘hang in there.’ Offering advice many times brings people down more. You come across as someone who thinks they know better. Don’t email or private message either. If you want to help, tell them something positive to UPLIFT them. Or just tell them you’re available to talk if needed.

We can’t change the world, but we can make people happy. Tell someone today they’re doing a great job. Give a hug to someone who needs it. Leave a positive book review! (Yeah, I slipped that in!). BE NICE. BE KIND. BE UPLIFTING.

Tell me, what will YOU do today to uplift someone?