Happy Thanksgiving and a Little Teaser

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. I want to quickly thank my readers and wish you all a great holiday. I’ll be at my mom’s house for some turkey and family time. In the evening, my husband will be watching the football game — Packers V. Bears.

This leads me into the teaser I want to share with you for Sparing the Heart. Normally Tuesday is the day to share — Teaser Tuesday as it’s called! However, this teaser is special and ties in with the game!

I haven’t shared a lot about my upcoming release. You know it’s called Sparing the Heart, the hobby is bowling, and it’s Kate’s story. Kate is Seth’s sister in Caching In. My books take place in Wisconsin, and I also live in Wisconsin, which is Packer Country! I’m not a football watcher by any means. In fact, I usually read or nap during the games! Like Kate, I’m not a beer drinker. There are very few I will drink. I wrote this line and knew I had to include it in the book. So here is a teaser from Sparing the Heart, releasing winter (probably March).


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