Why Kimmy Schmidt Is My Hero

Over the past week, I started watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. I’m still out on my opinion of the show … there are times I love it and times I wonder why I’m watching it. The point, though, is I can’t stop watching it. Why?

Kimmy Schmidt is teaching me about being a writer, and a decent human being.


First of all, she’s clueless. Every day I am learning more and more about writing and publishing. The industry changes all the time. I can’t possibly know everything there is to know. And I never will. I’m okay with that, though, because I love learning all these new things, even if sometimes it drives me crazy because I can’t keep up!

She’s weird. This is something I’ve been labeled my entire life. I remember well in grade school being called “weird” quite often. As a kid, it bothered me. As an adult, I could care less. In fact, it’s a compliment. Why do I say the things I say or do the things I do? Because I’m weird.

She says exactly what is on her mind. I know people who can do this, and I am certainly not one of them. When people excuse themselves from a conversation or say something that makes entirely no sense, it can be awkward. But, why? Shouldn’t you be allowed to just say what you want to say? Mind you, if it’s hurtful, then I really think you should keep your mouth shut. But, if you’re thinking something, it’s okay to think out loud.

She’s naive. Remember those days? I do. I was a teenager and didn’t have a clue. She believes what people say, and has no idea what some of it means. She accepts it, and moves on. As a writer, I wish I was more naive, at times, and didn’t have any idea. If I were oblivious to the negativity out there when it comes to the industry, I may have a bit more self-confidence.

Kimmie's reaction to being called a bitch.

Kimmy’s reaction to being called a bitch.

She’s fearless. Kimmy spent 15 years locked in a bunker and when freed, she stayed in New York, alone, determined to start a life for herself. Who does that? Someone who is brave and independent and ambitious. These are words I think definitely describe a writer. Yes, at times I am scared, seek out approval, and would rather take a nap than write, but putting my work out there is pretty courageous. It takes a lot of work to write a book, and people either love it and praise you, or rip it apart, forgetting an actual human being with feelings wrote it. During those times, it’s like Maya Angelou said, “And, still, I rise…”

And unbreakable. In the past year, I’ve released two novels and two short stories. I haven’t skyrocketed to success, and I haven’t failed miserably. However, I still have my share of critics, as any writer does. I have a lot of great reviews, and then I have some horrific reviews that when I read them (which I shouldn’t!), I wanted to crawl into that bunker with the Mole Women. The great thing about Kimmy¬†Schmidt is she is who she is and WON’T apologize for it. We all can learn from that. I will NOT apologize for writing what I want to write. Don’t like the ending to Pieces of it All? I won’t change it. I think it’s perfect. Think Penny transforms too much into her high school self at her reunion in The Right Equation? Guess what – I felt the same way at mine, so I think it works. I won’t and can’t and REFUSE to please everyone. People may try to tear me down, but I won’t let them!

Or you can stand up, and say “We’re different and you can’t break us!”

Tell me, is there a character on TV you admire, or, if you watch Kimmy Schmidt, what characteristics of hers do you admire? Please leave it in the comments!