Ten Books Recently Added To My To-Be-Read List

This week the Top Ten list is brought to you by my TBR shelf, and The Broke and The Bookish! Since I began using Goodreads differently, I no longer have a TBR shelf. I utilize a wish list on Amazon, and then search through my Kindle for what I want to read. For my list today, I have five paperbacks, and five Kindle books!

These are recently added to my To-Be-Read List in the sense that I intend to read these next, although, not necessarily in this order. I currently am reading Aven Ellis’ Surviving The Rachel. If you haven’t read any of Aven’s work, I suggest you pick any of it up!

Let’s start with my physical books. Here’s an overview:

I love my Kindle, but a good old fashioned paperback (or hardcover) still rocks my world!

I love my Kindle, but a good old fashioned paperback (or hardcover) still rocks my world!

1. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. In the past year or two, I’ve started reading both science fiction and fantasy. If I intend to read fantasy, I think The Hobbit is a must. I’ve never read it, and I do want to see the movies. As any reader knows, you have to read the book!

2. Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult. Spoiler – I’ve started this one, but I am slowly reading it. I love Picoult’s work, but this is one I have not read yet. I borrowed it from a neighbor last year, so I suppose I should read it and return it. I hate being one of those people. 🙂

3. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I have tried several times to read Jane Austen at different times in my life. All of my fellow writers (well not all, but most) in my Chick Lit facebook group tell me if I write romantic comedy, I need to read her. Not to mention, one of my favorite series by Mary Robinette Kowal, is described as “Jane Austen meets magic.” I picked up a copy with a modernized cover and print, hoping that will help.

I love this updated cover.

I love this updated cover.

4. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. Confession time. I’ve never read any Nicholas Sparks. I always swore I never would. However, I liked the movie A Walk to Remember, and figured I can read one of his books and see what I think. I borrowed this from a neighbor, too, and really need to return it.

5. What If by A.J. Pine. Last year I read If Only by A.J. Pine and loved it. When What If, the second in the series, came out, I purchased it on Kindle. Then, I won the paperback online. So, while I have it on Kindle, I’ll read the paperback.

Half-way there! Now it’s time to review what’s on my Kindle!

I'm really not organized on my Kindle. I put these in a folder specifically for this post!

I’m really not organized on my Kindle. I put these in a folder specifically for this post!

6. Fools Rush In (An April Fools Anthology) by multiple authors. These ladies are awesome: Celia Kennedy, Whitney Dineen, Engy Neville, Connie Stephany, Suzie Jay, Amy Gettinger, Laurie Baxter, and S.E. Babin. (With a shout-out to Karan Eleni!) I’ve conversed with all these lovely ladies in our Chick Lit group, and they created a FREE anthology of short stories for April Fools. Grab it. IT’S FREE!

7. Hold Her Down by Kathryn R. Biel – If you’ve never heard me talk about Kathryn Biel, then I have no idea where you’ve been. Kathryn is not only one of the most awesome people I’ve ever “met” (I know her online!), but she is one of my favorite authors. I’ve read three of her four books. This is the only one I haven’t read yet, and I can’t wait because soon she’ll have another one out I’m sure! If you enjoy books about strong women overcoming obstacles, read her. No doubt.

Jump, Jive, and Wail is Kathryn's latest work. You should definitely read it. Click the cover to buy!

Jump, Jive, and Wail is Kathryn’s latest work. You should definitely read it.

8. Write Your Novel From the Middle by James Scott Bell. Of course I have a writerly book on here! My friend (and another AWESOME AUTHOR S.J. Pajonas) recommended this book. I need to read it because I’ve finished the second draft of my upcoming book, and I’ll need to start my next book soon!

9. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman. Everyone in my facebook groups talk about this book. I’m told its written wonderfully, and look at that cover. It’s amazing. Yes, I am judging a book by its cover. Get over it.

If you're going to judge a book by its cover, this may be the one to do it by.

If you’re going to judge a book by its cover, this may be the one to do it by.

10. At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey. I’ve conversed with Brenna before. She’s a great cheerleader, and I’ve been anxious to read her stuff. This is the first in a series, and it’s free, folks. Look at that – TWO free books on this list today! Check her out, and then finish up the series. I can’t wait to dive into this one, and I am sure I will speed through it.

There you have it – my TO BE READ list. Please note this is always subject to change! I pick my books based on my mood, but I do want to read this in 2015!

If you’re looking for something to read, check any of these out, or see what books I may have to offer 🙂 Click over to see.

What’s on YOUR shelf? Please let me know in the comments!