H is for HGTV!

#ATOZChallenge @tkrimms

The other day I came across an article about the cast of Trading Spaces (A TLC show) and what they are doing now. I was obsessed with that show, and loved most of the designers. Once I moved from an apartment to a house, my TV always stayed tuned onto HGTV. Now, two houses later, I still watch it. We didn’t have it for quite awhile since we got rid of Satellite TV, but, now we have Sling TV and I can watch it again! (Why don’t I have cable or satellite? Because I got tired of paying $1,200 a year for TV!)

These days, my favorite is still House Hunters as it was when my husband and I were first looking at houses. I love watching these first time homeowners argue over what they want. They “need” a huge backyard, granite countertops, perfectly picked out wall colors (ever hear of painting?), and a media room. Really? I find it amusing when they realize all that really isn’t in their budget. Property Virgins also is great at that. It’s also interesting to compare the cost of living from one city to another. What buys $200K in Wisconsin is much different than the same price in Texas.


The renovation shows are also great. Lately we have been watching Flip or Flop on the weekends. The couple buys homes sight unseen and flips them. It’s amazing to see how they envision a property and pull it off. Hats off to designers because … wow.

There are a few shows I don’t quite understand, like Love It or List It. Maybe I’ve never caught it from the beginning to understand the concept. Other shows I don’t care for the cast, and those I won’t name!

Do you watch HGTV? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!