W is for Writing

#ATOZChallenge @tkrimms

Happy Monday and Happy W! Today is a great day in the A to Z Challenge because it’s W IS FOR WRITING DAY! During this entire challenge, a letter has never come so easily to me. Of course W is for writing. What else would it be?


There is so much to discuss about writing, but for this challenge, I like to keep my posts fairly short. Let’s talk about the first “book” I ever wrote. I use that in quotes because my first book was written in fourth or fifth grade in a blue spiral notebook. This book filled the entire wide-ruled notebook and was a thriller. I can’t recall the title, and I don’t have the notebook anymore! I’m so mad I don’t. Anyway, it’s about a group of people who go into a mansion at Halloween. It’s abandoned and have heard stories of it being haunted, so they want to see for themselves. It turns out the place is not haunted and one of their friends is a crazed, jealous person. I remember letting a few people in class read the story. It was really good. Well, okay, it sucked. But for the age I was, it was pretty damn good.

This is dear to me because I remember how writing has always been in my life. If it wasn’t a short book, I wrote poems. It’s always been “my thing.” I love I picked it back up after a very long break with it, and am writing books and short stories and sharing them with the world. Oh, and they are much better now!! 🙂

Do you remember the first lengthy piece you wrote?