Z is for Zoomies!

#ATOZChallenge @tkrimms

Today marks the last day of the A to Z Challenge. I can’t believe I completed 26 blog posts in the month of April. I actually did more than 26, which is amazing. I don’t plan on blogging every single day from here on out, but hopefully I can keep it up at a decent pace.

Today I thought I would talk about the Zoomies. Do you know what these are? Does your dog get them? I found a video on You Tube for you. This is what the zoomies look like (This is NOT my dog).

I have a bulldog. I had two, but we had to say goodbye to one last June. She was the one that always got the zoomies. I wish I had a video to show you. They are hilarious. My lazy bulldog, Sophie, gets them every once in awhile now. I call them her tiny bursts of energy because she is almost 12. I can be sitting outside and she’ll get up and suddenly dart through the yard for one lap. And scene.

They are that quick. Over and done. But the zoomies put a speed on dogs I’ve never seen before!

Do your dogs get the zoomies?