How do you take your coffee? My top 10 cup of Joe’s

I start my morning with a cup of coffee – technically two cups since my travel mug holds that much. The afternoons, when I write, I have another cup or two. As a child, I hated the smell of coffee, and my mom’s coffee breath always bothered me. Now, I’m the one with the breath. And I love it.

I’ll admit, I am not a plain coffee drinker. Some say this doesn’t make me a real coffee drinker. Whatevs. I do have my favorite “fancy” drinks, or ways coffee is prepared. In no particular order, here are my top 10.


1. Caramel Macchiato. You will see a lot of Starbucks on this list. Deal with it. This is the first coffee I enjoyed. I don’t get it often any more, though, but every once in awhile.

2. Vanilla Latte from McDonald’s. This is one of the only things I will get at that place. I honestly can’t stand their regular coffee, even if I flood it with cream and sugar, but I love the Vanilla Latte.

3. French Vanilla Cappuccinos from gas stations. On a road trip, if there is no Starbucks nearby, I get one of these.


4. Dunkin Donuts Original Blend with French Vanilla Great Value Creamer. I love buying the bags from the store and making it with my creamer. Any time I have coffee at home, it’s with French Vanilla Great Value creamer.

5. Skinny White Chocolate Mocha with 2 pumps raspberry syrup. Yep, second Starbucks on the list. I used to get just the WCM, but I saw on FB a “secret” recipe for a raspberry white chocolate mocha, and since I got it, I haven’t looked back.44cde3c4b4e73f164bdf3e9ec3d23e75

6. My husband’s white chocolate mocha. He melts the white chocolate over the stove and combines it with whatever blend of Starbucks coffee we have at home, and tops it off with whipped cream. YUM.

7. Creme Brûlée from Starbucks. I wait every November for this to come on their menu, and I’m so disappointed when it’s gone. And I never get this one skinny. Never.

8. The Original Donut Shop K-Cup. Usually I use reusable K-Cups and fill with my own coffee, but, I do love these. The only problem I have run into is for some reason it doesn’t fill my cup all the way. But, I do love this brand, and, of course, topped off with my Great Value French Vanilla Creamer.

9. Ice Cold Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino. In the summer, I love an iced coffee. I enjoy these that you can get right at a check out stand at the store. Heck, I don’t even know if this has actual coffee in it. I don’t get it often, but really love it.570bde436860428eac0f28f016aea491

10. Julie’s coffee. Yes, this is my sister-in-law. She makes regular coffee, tosses in some hot chocolate mix, tosses on whipped cream and some cinnamon. And it’s always accompanied by conversation with her, so that makes it even better!

Tell me what your favorite coffee is!