L is for Library!

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The library – one of my most favorite places in the world. I’ve been a member of four library systems in my life. In case you’re unfamiliar with what you can do at a library, you can check out books (FOR FREE! – that’s right, downloading books from Amazon, copying them, and returning them, is NOT how a library works. Amazon hasĀ a lending library, if you’re interested in downloading books without paying for them). The library is not only for books. You can check out DVDs, they offer programs, activities for kids, and a quiet place you can go and study or write, or just reflect. For me, the library is a getaway.

I remember my first library. My mom would drop me off at the library while my brother went to his guitar lessons. An hour of me browsing the shelves, and taking out every book I could fit in my hands. We had a checkout limit, and I’m pretty sure I reached it every time. The library has since been rebuilt, but I can remember the exact setup of the original library. I spent a ton of time at the spinning bookshelf because that was where all the series books like Sweet Valley High and Babysitter’s Club were. I loved that library.

My second library was part of a huge system that allowed me to go to any library in the system. The third was also a part of the huge system. I often went with a book in mind, and only checked out one or two as an adult. I loved going to the Friends of the Library Book Sales.

Don't have a card? Why not? Get yours now!
Don’t have a card? Why not? Get yours now!

The library I am part of now is part of the Overdrive system, so I can CHECK OUT E-BOOKS FROM MY LIBRARY! Many people aren’t aware you can even do that with your library. Check! There are Kindle books I want to read, but the publisher has set the price so high, I check the library first. Or, they are books I am not sure I will enjoy enough to buy. It’s wonderful being able to check out right from my laptop!

I also notice I use libraries in my stories quite a bit. In PIECES OF IT ALL, Beth runs to the library to think. THE RIGHT EQUATION sends Penny and Will to their old study spot in the library. In CACHING IN, Ally plans on hiding a cache at the library. And in JAY WALKING, there will be a library scene as well.

Libraries have always and will continue to be a huge part of my life!

What do you love most about your library? Tell me in the Comments!

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