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This week’s topic: What do you consider fun?

This week’s hop appealed to me right away because it made me think back to my early twenties when I could stay up late and sleep late. My husband and I spent a lot of time with his sister and her husband and we did one thing – play board games.

I’ve never been great at games. My absolute favorite game to play is Scrabble, and I pretty much lose all the time. Scrabble wasn’t one of the games we played all the time. Nope. I have a list of our weekly games.

1. Trivial Pursuit. We often played this with my husband’s parents as well. Trivia is not my forte. Even with multiple choice ahead of me, I can’t earn a pie for anything. My partner always ended up answering the questions!

2. Careers. Not familiar with this game? Click here for more info. Basically, you chose your career path and are on a race to achieve it.

3. Water Works. This game is hilarious and vicious. You are racing to build a pipeline and be the first to do it. Players can be cruel to one another and put leaks on each other’s pipes. Just as you think you may win – BAM! You sprung a leak.

4. Monopoly. Everyone knows this game. I wouldn’t say I’m horrible at it. I never won, but I don’t think I came in last every time we played, either. I especially enjoy the special ones, like Dogopoly.

5. Scattegories. This game can cause so many arguments it’s not even funny. I love coming up with words and it’s when people put in adjectives that the heated debates begin. Can you use them? Should you? I don’t know if we ever even read the full directions to find out.

6. Pictionary. Hands down, worst game ever for me. Why? I’m embarrassed by it. My husband says everything I draw looks like a horse. Good luck if you’re on my team.spoons

7. Spoons. Not really a board game, but my sister-in-law thinks the first time I ever played this was absolutely hilarious. I had no idea what was going on and was grabbing everything in sight.

8. Scene It? We played this one a few times. It was always kind of a hassle to play since you needed to use the DVD. Always fun, though.

9. Yahtzee. Can this be classified as a board game? Either way, it’s fun and competitive. I’m horrible at math, though, so not always my favorite to play.

10. Password. This game has laughs written all over it. Can you get your partner to say the secret word with only one-word clues? Better yet, can you be sure NOT to say the actual word?

Board games are so much fun. Right now we’re back in Candyland and Chutes & Ladders stage, but soon our older board games will make their way back up from the basement.

What’s your favorite board game? Tell me in the comments!


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