2017 Writing Goals

It’s that time of year to start setting goals. I think I do this every year. I honestly never go back and check to see if I accomplished them. If I remember correctly, I wanted to publish three books in 2016, and I did.

Sparing the Heart – March
Dating For Decades – June
Lipstick & Lattes – November

I also released a short story, Candy Christmas, as part of an anthology. I am sure I didn’t gather as many reviews as I wanted or made as many sales as I hoped, but that’s where next year comes in.

Going into 2017 I’m not sure how I feel about my writing. Right now I am competing against myself in National Novel Writing Month. I think I’ll finish. The book I am writing, All That Glitters will be more romance than my other books. I think it will have less of a chick lit feel and more of a contemporary romance. I plan on this being at least a 2-book series, perhaps a three. But, I may need to take a break from the genre. Time will tell.

In 2017, I am expanding my goal slightly. I would like to publish FOUR books. Now, one may be a novella, but a book nonetheless. In 2016 I planned on writing a novella for an anthology and it just didn’t come together as I wanted. So, I decided I am taking my idea and writing a novella I’ll publish instead. I don’t have a timeline for any of this. If I can, I want to write the two-book series and release them together. We’ll see.

My hope is to write two short stories as well. I want one exclusive for my mailing list. The other I may publish free. Or I may combine into an anthology of short stories. I haven’t decided.

Review wise, I really hope to see those increase. And if I can snag another Book Bub, I would love that. My book are all wide now, except for Dating For Decades (which will be next year) and Lipstick & Lattes (which, again, will be later next year). I hope to gain some fans at Kobo, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble. It’s not easy, though. Amazon seems to be King, and even getting noticed there seems to be impossible.

If I can, I would like to get most writing done in the first half of the year so I can publish in summer. Again, we will see how that goes.

As you can see, most of this is “see how it goes.” Hey, my mood changes from day to day and I’m not blowing up the charts by any means. I do what I can, but I know I’ll always write no matter what. I love what I do and I hope I can continue to do it.

So, in a nutshell, my goal is to publish 4 books and 2 short stories next year!