In With the New …

This has more than one meaning!

First, I wrote a novella this year called In With the New. This was a fun one to write with a dog as one of the main characters. The story is about Meg, who is much too busy to date, and Eli, who can’t move past a broken heart to see good in the future. When they meet up in the dog park, can they change each other’s perspectives? Here’s the catch — this novella is only available for newsletter subscribers. Those who were on the list already received it. If you want a copy, use this link to sign up and you can read it as well:

How else am I referring to “In With the New?” Well, 2017 of course!

It’s hard to sum up how 2016 went for me. I released three books, Sparing the Heart, Dating For Decades, and Lipstick & Lattes. That’s pretty cool. Were they breakout successes? Not close. Still, I’m happy to have wrapped up the Pastime Pursuits series and released the other two books. Visit my BOOKS page for more info on purchasing.

In 2017, I have some goals. I wrote about them a bit in a previous post. I’m working on a series, which will be at least two books, possibly three. My plan is also to release a novella, and one more book. However, I am contemplating dipping my toe into thrillers. I would release under a pen name, and perhaps write a series. It’s something I’m thinking about, but haven’t made a decision.

What else am I planning in 2017? I want to treat myself three times this year to an hour-long massage. I don’t do this often, and when I do I usually opt for thirty minutes because it is half the price. This year, I’m going for the hour! 🙂

I want to attempt to learn the piano. We have a keyboard and lesson books. Since I am home during the day, I want to maybe try this. I am not confident I’ll be able to, but I’ll try.

I write every day. I think I want to take one day every week to NOT write. Do something for me, instead. That may be a day I work on piano, a day I read, maybe take a trip to the zoo by myself. I want to do something for me.

I love my readers, and I am hopeful I will find more this year. If I can make my writing a success, it’ll be a dream come true. However, this year I am taking an approach my friend took last year. It’s the year of not giving a f**k. Obviously, I need to in some respects. But I’m going to try not to stress so much about everything when it comes to my writing. I don’t want to lose the enjoyment of it.

Do you have any goals in 2017? (I do NOT call them resolutions!)