It’s a #COYER Summer Vacation (Kind Of)

A few years ago I kept seeing a hashtag on twitter: #COYER. Having no clue what this meant, I asked someone, as one would do. This stands for Clean Out Your E-Reader. What’s the challenge? Spend the summer reading books…
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Sparing the Heart is LIVE!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! That should bring me some luck, right? I hope so — today Sparing the Heart is live and available for purchase in the Kindle store at Amazon. This has been a long day coming. Since I wrote Caching…
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Why I’m Making the Amazon Exclusive Jump

On May 9, 2014, I published my first book, Pieces of it All on Amazon. I immediately enrolled it into KDP Select. Then a few people (and literally a few – 2) asked if they could get my book elsewhere….
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