X is for Xerox

#ATOZChallenge @tkrimms Coming up with an X word presented a challenge for me. I’ll admit, I went to a Scrabble word finder for help! Xerox – let’s say I love making copies. I used to anyway. Now that computers are so prevalent, and apps like EverNote and Pinterest exist, there is much less of a …

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V is for VEE!

#ATOZChallenge @tkrimms One of my favorite board games of all time is Scrabble. My mom and aunt used to play it when I was a kid, and eventually I started playing. Once I got a smartphone, I downloaded the Scrabble app. I refused to play Words with Friends. I mean, come on…. However, the Scrabble …

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R is for Rain

#ATOZChallenge @tkrimms Spring has arrived. Well, today the high is 40 so maybe not so much, but, for the most part, it’s here. The thing I love about spring is the warmer air and being able to stuff away my winter jacket and exchange it for a lighter one. On Sunday, I sat outside with …

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